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Many businesses lose money in the form of working hours, leave and salaries to name a few reasons not being allocated correctly. The LSS Payroll Support Service is aimed to ensure the correct logging and allocating of payroll details in particular assisting our client with the correct application and interpretation of their leave policies. Money is also lost with the incorrect application of the different leaves in their payroll systems. We eliminate the duplication of staff detail and ensure that no fraudulent occurrences may exist on the payroll file. 

The Payroll support service is a comprehensive service that is of objective to ensure peace of mind with our customer that includes the following once off service:

  • Company creation, 
  • Entering Leave as received from our client, 
  • Entering of Staff details as received from the client,
  • Capturing of Social Security requirements
  • Capture Union details as received from the client,
  • Capture medical aid details as received from the client,
  • Capture pension fund details as received from the client,
  • Capture of non-taxable allowance allowed by the client