No company’s needs are the same. Sales operations are a highly fine-tuned art. External factors such as the slightest changes in the economy, politics, new trends, technology etc. is but a few to mention that can undermine company
sales performance. Internal factors such as operational procedures, paperwork,
attitude, and motivation etc. can be detrimental.

Most business owners are challenged every day with day to day operational
issues that prevent them on focusing their efforts on how to make more money in
the business. During these challenging economic times we live in, no business
can afford to neglect this most important part of managing a business i.e. the
sales operations.

After evaluating these needs in the market LSS introduced a world leading
service to assist the small to medium enterprise in optimizing their sales
success with our unique Sales Consulting Service. Over the last few years more
than a thousand people were trained and assisted by our sales Guru, trainer and
motivational speaker, Japie Vermeulen. Now for the first time in the world he
and his sales consulting support team lead in torrid economic times to assist
you in maximizing your business results in being of service to the business