LSS was established to assist the business owner in increasing their sales.

LSS; the only company in the world to back sales training with proper Labour consulting in order to protect the interest of the business owner.  The critical need of businesses and the sales professional today is to adopt new sales strategies that proactively create new sales in this ever slowing world economy. The escalating costs of energy and various other challenges faced by businesses today, simply forced businesses to revise or restructure old sales and marketing methods.  Too many businesses suffer a decline in sales figures simply because of reluctance to change or the lack of understanding the value of “real” selling. Salaries cannot be justified anymore unless it contributes positively to the income of the business.

LSS saw this need in business and the professional sales arena to adapt more effective selling methods in Namibia.  In order to remain or be competitive in these challenging times every business should look intensely how to sell more effectively.  Ultimately no business can survive without the sales to maintain or justify its existence. 

LSS created a reinforcement program that assists the sales student with an on-going program in updating, revising and reinforcing of sales techniques while monitoring sales activities.  With this world leading solution to excel sales with our unique and highly effective service it is simply a must for any business who desire ever increasing sales.